Valovideo wedding

A perfect mix of images, sounds and music, with the sole purpose of exciting you!

We are videographers from northern Italy, we live a few kilometres from Turin and the Langhe, a UNESCO heritage site thanks to its enchanting hills and vineyards.

Our style is reportage, we like to tell your story without strange or phony poses, the only thing we need is you and your desire to have fun.

We work mainly in Piedmont, Lombardy and Tuscany, but we love to travel and we are always happy to discover new places both in Italy and in Europe.


Our Wedding video



Valovideo is the best choice a married couple can make! Their videos will leave you with wonderful memories. Real… Always lively! I would marry again to have their video!!!

Simona e Gianpiero

5 stars ????? Naaaaa …. they would need an infinite number !!!!!!! Thank you so much for everything! We can’t stop watching the trailer! You really made us relive all the emotions of that day! Crazy … how much fun we had together! thank you thank you! Guys all of you should get married! it’s worth it just for the video!!!!!!!! :);)

Silvia e Alessio

Such a special day must be entrusted to someone who understands the uniqueness of that moment. Invisible but present, and without realising it you discover moments which you had not even noticed. No demands, no poses, but only the passing of the day. Thank you

Rossella e Maurizio