Frequent questions

We love reportage, we try to capture emotions, small gestures, spontaneity. Want to get a better idea? Take a look at our videos!

Yes, we go all over Italy and also abroad. If large distances are involved, we require travel and overnight accommodation expenses.

There is no precise schedule, it is better to make an appointment as soon as you know the date, some periods of the year are very popular and we can be booked up even more than a year beforehand.

No, the day is dedicated to you, we start with the preparation of the bride and conclude with the cutting of the cake.

We have different solutions available, depending on your needs.

Our delivery times could be two months or longer, depending on the season when the service. Was provided

You will be given an elegant personalised wooden box with a matching USB flash drive inside.

Just contact us by email at, we will get back to you as soon as possible.