Real wedding in Monferrato

Venue: Villa Prato, Mombaruzzo

Videomaker: Elisa e Valerio

Wedding planner: Paola Casetta 

Photographer: Tiziana Gallo

Immerse yourself in the enchanting highlights of Corinne and Michael’s destination wedding in the heart of Italy! From Switzerland to the picturesque Piemonte region, witness their love story unfold amidst historic charm and breathtaking landscapes.

The 18th-century Villa Prato hosted their unforgettable celebration, with a ceremony on the terrace overlooking panoramic Italian vistas. The trailer captures the couple’s intimate moments within the villa, blending romance and history.

The courtyard, adorned with a majestic olive tree, serves as the perfect backdrop for the outdoor reception, showcasing the harmonious blend of nature and exquisite local cuisine.

Join us for a cinematic journey through the emotions and landscapes that framed Corinne and Michael’s love story in the perfect Italian setting. This trailer encapsulates the essence of their destination wedding – a celebration of love in the heart of Piemonte.