Venue: Tenuta La Michelina, Pinerolo

Videomaker: Valerio Casale

Photographer: Fabio Rinaldi

Wedding in Sant’Ambrogio di Torino, a small town on the outskirts of the Susa Valley at the foot of the beautiful Sacra di San Michele. It was certainly an emotion-charged wedding, with a few minor setbacks, that didn’t take the smile off the bride and groom’s faces. Before the ceremony, a brief drizzle cooled the air, offering a very impressive view of the nearby mountains right after the ceremony.

After some video shooting on the terrace of St. Ambrose’s castle, Michela and Roberto and their guests went to Tenuta la Michelina, a splendid 18th century farmhouse in the province of Turin. In the large park of the estate, under the gentle light of the sunset, pre-dinner drinks were served, accompanied by the melody of the piano and saxophone, masterfully played by Giorgio Porfirio.

Dinner was served under the porch of the estate’s cloister overlooking the Italian-style garden consisting of low hedges. This venue illuminated by the warm light of candles takes on a romantic charm of past times.