Wedding box

The charming wooden box
for your legendary wedding film

How do you store a video as precious as your wedding?

We asked ourselves the same question, and after much thought and many ideas, we finally settled on a delightful case: hazelnut brown in color from the Langhe area of Italy, as practical as a book to put on the shelf, rigid in structure, but with a flexible cover to keep you in awe. In short, not the usual souvenir box you may find at Ikea, but a case worthy of the name, the ideal place to store your wedding film USB.

We order it from a small company, one of those places that still work as they once did. It is handmade and tailored to the needs of our customers: the spouses’ names can be engraved on the cover, to assure a level of customization true to the story of each couple.

Additionally, you need not worry about a thing: we will take care of every detail, from the graphics to the preparation of the box, as a true craftsman would. Click on the images and let yourself be amazed!