If you have a dress, it’s trash time

If your wedding dress is still there watching you imploringly, if you’re feeling nostalgic about that magical day that was your wedding, if you want to celebrate the love that unites you… in your own way, then get ready: the occasion you’ve been waiting for without even knowing it, is called trash the dress.

Special skills, abilities, or witchery are not required: imagine letting your fantasy and anti conformist nature run free while wearing your wedding dress outside the context of your wedding. On a deserted beach, for example, in the streets downtown, or maybe in a muddy rugby field. A few hours of pure madness to give life to an exciting performance and create a memory destined to last forever. In other words: the most stylish “trash” that you’ve ever devised.

How we work

Unlike real wedding  and elopement videos, in this case we try to come up with a sort of story line with the couple. It could be an afternoon at the seaside finishing off by taking a dip (in your wedding clothes), or it could be a walk along the bank playfully running towards each other with your beloved dogs (wearing your wedding outfits, of course).

The ideas and scripts that can be created are infinite, the important thing is that it reflects your passion and desire. We will make sure that the video represents your silly side, your special relationship, your personality and ability to make fun or yourselves. No matter what your diabolical plans may be, all that’s left to do is to dust off your wedding outfits and prepare a list of the “trashy” things you would like to star in!

What we deliver

A cinematic video (about 2-3 minutes)