Are you tired of typical wedding films? We are, too!

When we began working as wedding videographers, we were convinced that a wedding video should be, as you might say, melodramatic at all costs. If there was no tear-jerking music or a perfectly posed couple, then it was not a wedding video. Over time, we have understood that this type of video, what we call a “mini film”, is just one of the many possibilities, though surely the most popular one. But we wanted more: an authentic, original film, with its own style and character. We wanted a product that would be in no way inferior to a cinematographic short film, created with a natural (hence less artificial) approach of the events of the day.

How we work

We are a two-man crew. When evaluating the project and location, we put our equipment immediately into action. We get started in the early hours of the day, when the bride and groom begin preparations. We like to capture every scene and bring home as much material as possible and then make careful selections of the clips to edit. We leave you free to express yourself and your love for each other, knowing that you are the protagonists of the day and not us. At the same time, we try to capture the contributions of friends and relatives, without forgetting the magic of the location and ambiance. The goal? To create a compelling story of your wedding through an explosive mix of images, music and words!

Would you like to press play and enjoy the video?