Romantic escape? Art house film!

More and more people choose to get married in their own way, in locations abroad, with few guests and a simple design. This type of marriage became so widespread that it has earned a name: elopement. In English, the term elopement means a romantic escape. You run away to realize your dream of uniting with a special person in marriage. Thus the video becomes the account of a day overflowing with emotions and memories, an abundance of passion, affection, esteem, tenderness and joy, enough to make your head spin. We believe, also for cases like this, that there is no place ordinary filmmaking, but instead a captivating, engaging and spirited story to be told. A delightful video to watch again and again until your eyes get sore!

How we work

Langhe, Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Tuscan hills … we know many perfect places for a celebrity-style elopement. In fact, we work precisely out of this region: particularly, couples from abroad frequently contact us to benefit from our videomaker services, aware of the importance of preserving their precious memories once the spotlight fades. We are also available to travel remotely: we are not afraid of distance, we are not afraid of planes; customs or borders do not stop us. We are videomakers, but above all we are experienced travelers. If you have planned your romantic getaway and want to enlist a video professional, make yourself comfortable and tell us about it: we’re all ears.

If you don’t see it, you don’t believe it