Choosing the ideal setting for your wedding vows in Italy can range from a historic villa, a romantic large garden, to a rustic mountain farmhouse. There are plenty of options and factors to consider. Before making this significant decision, we recommend considering some practical aspects: the season of your wedding, the number of guests, and your budget.


Starting with the first aspect, for venues where dining is indoors, it’s crucial to choose a place with air conditioning during weddings from June to September. Alternatively, consider an evening wedding outdoors under a canopy of lights, which can create a magical atmosphere. In winter, ensure the venue has adequate heating.

In Italy, there’s a saying, “sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata,” which translates to “a wet bride is a lucky bride.” However, for outdoor locations, it is essential to have a Plan B for bad weather to ensure rain doesn’t spoil your big day.

Day or evening wedding? Evening weddings are undoubtedly more fashionable, youthful, and elegant. However, consider the sunset time. In June or July, the reception will likely start with sunlight, while in late September, it would be wise to schedule the ceremony earlier to avoid running short on daylight hours.

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Moving on to the guest list: consider the venue size. An overly large space can feel empty and cold, whereas a too-small venue can create a cramped “sardine” feel, with no room for dancing and mingling.

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The third aspect, your budget, will inevitably lead you to rule out some venues or seek less expensive but equally charming alternatives, like a grand countryside barn or a nature-surrounded agriturismo.

Before making a deposit, do a site visit. Check if there are time restrictions (e.g., for music), if the parking is secure and ample. If you have elderly guests or children, ensure the venue is accessible and accommodating. Don’t overlook the quality of the catering or the kitchen handling your reception. Concerning the menu, clarify if special dishes for celiacs, vegetarians, vegans, or those with allergies are available, and if there is a separate menu for children. The ingredients should be top-notch, and the menu should suit the season.

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Lastly, don’t overlook details that contribute to the overall harmony of the event. Choose a venue that isn’t too far from the ceremony location or accommodations. Otherwise, you will also need to arrange transportation for guests who do not have their own cars. Long car or bus journeys can be stressful, elongate the day, and take time away from the celebration. The ideal solution is to choose a single location for the entire event.

Still unsure about your choices? Why not rely on a Wedding Planner? A professional who will offer their experience and a network of reliable and skilled suppliers to coordinate and oversee your wedding, saving you from any potential issues and time losses during this delicate period.

This way, you can enjoy your big day without stress.

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