Two hearts and one camera

That love that unites you, that passion that captivates you, that craft that when done as a pair…. has no comparison.

Valovideo Wedding has always been and still is where we come together: two hearts and a video camera (lots of video cameras!), united under a single name to guarantee a perfect job. We are Valerio and Elisa, friends, collaborators, close-knit partners, videographers, editors and much, much more.

For over ten years we’ve been creating videos for weddings and related events with an artisanal approach in which music and images merge to give life to an exceptional product. We’ve chosen this approach to offer something new that can’t be found anywhere else: an unusual video making service, able to make you smile, be moved and have fun like you would have never dreamed. Learn more in our profiles!

Elisa e Valerio

The winning team

I am a volcano of creativity with a good head on my shoulders. Precise and meticulous, I coordinate our jobs with the utmost seriousness and discipline, so much that the Normandy landings would be no match for me. I love details , those that make you open your eyes wide and understand that yes, what you were looking for is finally in front of you.

Available, punctual, dependable, precise, courteous, but the absolute most beautiful thing said is summarized in this review: “it seems like he’s been your best friend since you were kids, he always says the right thing at the right time and with his smile, he has the ability to make you forget that you have that ugly, black video camera in front of you making you very nervous”.

Where Every View Tells a Story

Welcome to our lands, where the vineyards of Langhe and Monferrato strike a pose for our lenses! Here at Valovideo Wedding, surrounded by nature that can’t help but be spectacular, we find inspiration for your love stories. We are in a land where every view deserves a frame and every moment becomes material for a wedding film. And if you think we’re exaggerating, it’s because you haven’t yet seen the Alps put on their best gala dress at sunset. Although our studio is deeply rooted in Northern Italy, our adventurous spirit drives us to travel, discover new places, and capture unique views and diverse landscapes. We are always in search of that unique vista or that once-in-a-lifetime moment that can perfectly frame your love story, wherever it may take us.